Sash Jammer Window And Door Locks

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Sash Jammer Window And Door Locks

Sash Jammer Window And Door Locks

Sash jammers provide excellent additional home security for uPVC windows and doors. The sash jammer handle pivots and is secured over the frame, offering resistance to deter forced entry.

How many to use?

1 Sash Jammer – Small Window

2 Sash Jammers – Larger Window / Single Door (Top & Bottom Fitting)

4 Sash Jammers – French/ Patio Doors ( 2 Top, 2 Bottom on each door)

Product Description

Sash Jammer Window And Door Locks

  • Easy to fit and operate, used on both uPVC windows and doors for extra security
  • 3 different sized button spacers and packers provided to ensure a stylish fit onto different profiles.

Fitting Advice

  1. Locate the Sash Jammer onto section making sure that the window can still open & close without contact with the Sash Jammer Body.
  2. Drill 2mm pilot holes into the section using the sash jammer as a jig.
  3. If you encounter re-inforcing when drilling pilot holes you should then use the self tapping screws provided.
  4. If the pilot holes drill through relatively easily then there will be no re-inforcement and you will need to use jack nuts


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